How to Import Everything From Facebook to Google Plus

Yahoo Sign In

Within a few months, Google+ is expected to exceed 100 million members and you might be among those who decided to move to a new social networking haven. A couple of reasons come into mind: 1) everyone is leaving Facebook [...]

7 Multiplayer Android Games to Play on a Single Tablet Device

Fruit Ninja

Not everyone can afford a Samsung Galaxy Tab and enjoy many of its essential apps.  Recent surveys found that since iPad’s first availability, only 11% of adult Americans own a tablet device.  So if you’re a tablet gamer and want [...]

The Death of Portable Console Gaming

Nintendo 3DS

Sony and Nintendo may be raking in huge profits from their portable gaming systems, but their days are numbered. The handheld gaming industry is threatened by the arrival of all-in-one devices, leaving dedicated systems no longer practical these days. Nintendo [...]

10 Most Frightening PC Video Games for Halloween

Left 4 Dead 2

Just a few more days left and people are busy coming up with ways to be spooked. But for gamers, nothing is better than turning the lights off and playing the most horrific videos on your PC. The sound volume [...]

14 Best Android Games

Bunny Shooter

Any Android device can be as much a toy as a tool thanks to its wide selection of gaming apps. The Android brand is now the most popular platform for mobile devices, surpassing rival iOS of Apple. This means developers [...]

Why I’m Loving Windows 8′s New Start Screen

Metro Desktop

I don’t really understand what people are thinking these days. At first most have been tweeting about how exciting and innovative the new Start screen was when Windows Developer Preview was made public. But now I’m hearing Microsoft is explaining itself [...]

11 Free Tools to Test your Computer’s Performance


I mentioned before how we can boost Windows performance by using maintenance and system tools out of the box. While I maintain my position that third-party software aren’t exactly necessary for speed increase, they actually do a better job in most [...]

13 Upcoming PC Games to Watch Out Before 2012

The Sims 3 Pets

The PC game lineup for the remaining months of 2011 happens to be nothing short of spectacular. All the high profile games we’ve been waiting for and yearning to play are trying their best to grab every player’s attention for [...]

How to Activate and Decorate Your Facebook Timeline


With the increasing competition in the social media sector, Facebook is feeling the surge to innovate more than ever before. Their latest addition is the Timeline, which is a virtual scrapbook highlighting the important events of your life. Mark Zuckerberg, [...]

14 Alternative Sites for Downloading Android Apps

Amazon Appstore

The Android Market is the ultimate source of apps for devices that run Google’s mobile operating system (no arguing about that), but it’s not the only web destination to download apps. I’m sure that at some point of your occasional [...]