7 Tricks To Make Your Symbian Smartphone Handy and Versatile


While iPhone and Android phones are the current hotcakes in the smartphone market, lots of people still hold a Nokia Symbian handset. Despite being a bit old-fashioned, Symbian phones can still be a lot fun to use. Here I will [...]

Nokia PC Suite: The Complete Guide for Newbies


If you just recently bought your first Nokia smartphone, chances are you will not bother installing its PC suite because everything is functional with just the phone itself. This is one of the most crucial steps often ignored since you [...]

Windows Phones Made by Nokia Scheduled for 2012 Release

Nokia Windows Phone

Back in February, Nokia made an agreement with developer Microsoft to create phones running Windows Phone 7 in an attempt to create a dent in the smartphone OS market. Right now it is currently dominated by the Google Android and [...]

Two New Nokia Smartphones Revealed

nokia x7

While Nokia has announced the adoption of the Windows Phone 7 as its operating system for future phones, it has not stopped the company from announcing two new smartphones that still uses the Symbian OS: the Nokia E6 and Nokia [...]

Nokia X7

Nokia X7

Nokia X7 The rumor that Nokia is preparing X7 emerged in November 2010. The rumor is getting hotter since the spreading of “hot pictures” of X7 in Internet last January. The photos display 8MP camera with dual LED flash light [...]

Nokia N9

nokia n9

Nokia N9 After success with N8 series, Nokia has provided N9 series. The phone has already equipped by the ability to access 4G data communication service based- Long Term Evolution (LTE). Just like N8, N9 is also equipped by 12MP [...]

Nokia C6

nokia c6

Nokia C6 Nokia C6 has compact design with charming sliding concept. The technology of TFT screen, with the color depth of 16M (3,2 inch) is installed in it. Indeed, user sometimes experiences `hang` trouble. Only, firmware upgrade is one of [...]

Nokia C6 Review

nokia c6

Nokia C6 Nokia is getting more diligent to release Symbian 3 platformed premium cellphone for middle up segment. It is Nokia C6. Well, let’s see it from its design. It has interesting display with stainless cover, it looks so solid [...]

Intel disappointed by Nokia’s decision to move to Windows Phone

Intel has posted its reaction to Nokia’s new partnership with Microsoft… And as you can guess they aren’t too happy! By now you’ve probably heard that today, Nokia announced a new relationship with Windows focused around handsets and Windows 7. [...]

Intel big loser in Nokia / Microsoft partnership

Today’s Nokia / Microsoft has set back Intel’s plans to succeed in the mobile device market. The majority of smart-phones and tablets use the ARM processor while Intel CPUs have been remained firmly in desktops and servers. Intel did however have success [...]