Create Bootable Windows 7 on Flash Disk, Flash Disk Bootable for Win7

Create Bootable Windows 7 on Flash DiskHow to create Windows 7 flash disk bootable? Do you have a netbook and want to upgrade its become Windows 7? It is not so easy. It is not the way to install it into netbook, but almost all netbook s are not supported with DVD drive.
It makes you use an external DVD drive. Actually, there is an easier way that is using installing process with flash disk.

Of course, you have to install flash disk as an installer or bootable. To make it, you need a special utility, to make flash disk as bootable, there are several conditions. Make sure the minimum capacity is 4 GB.

If you have ISO Windows 7 image, you may use free of charge utility from Microsoft, namely Windows 7 USB/DVD. To run it, it needs minimum XP SP2 above.Net framework 2.0, and Microsoft image mastering API V2. Both of them can be downloaded from Microsoft. And above all, make sure the flash disk has been formatted into NTFS.

  • Run the process and browse to file location of ISO Windows 7 and click next
    Choose USB hardware. It is needed to burn process ISO to DVD.
  • Choose your flash disk and click Copy.
    Wait for copying and formatting process finish.
    After the process is over file on flash disk will be the same as open instalment disk. Now you can start installing in any computers supported bootable from USB drive.

Using WinToFlash Application

If you want to transfer Windows 7 instalment disk to USB. You may use other utility as good as the previous one, namely WinToFlash. To create it, just follow the wizard, and you can install Windows 7 from flash drive in a short time.

Maybe, the interesting from this utility is the sophisticated feature offer for other Windows versions.

The easy step is by choosing installing Windows and USB drive. Example DVD drive (E : ) and the flash disk drive (F : ). You are recommended to inactivate antivirus to speed the process.

And then, there is a confirmation on agreeing Windows 7 EULA and press Continue.

Now you will wait for formatted drive and copying its files to USB drive. The amount of time differs to each system.

Now you can use USB flash disk to install Windows 7 on netbook or other computer supported bootable from USB.

Well, if you are interested in above tips you can download that utility.


Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool:

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