How to Setting and Keep Compatibility Browser View on Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8While browsing with Internet Explorer 8 and find page in a mess, don’t be annoyed first. There is compatibility view facility. It emulates a site as if walking on formerly IE. So, there is all pages can keep showing beautiful on IE8.

To use compatibility view, follow these steps:

  1. Run Internet Explorer through taskbar or Start menu.
  2. On  address column, insert sites address to visit
  3. If sites shown in a mess, you may make return browser to old time by clicking menu of “Tools>Compatibility View”
  4. If  compatibility mode succeeds to change the web display, you may make it permanently by writing sites name on menu of “ Tools>Compatibility View Setting”, than insert and address of site in a column “ Add this website” and click “Add” button.
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