How to Synchronizing HTC Phone with Outlook on your computer

Synchronizing Outlook HTC Phone

Technology TipsDo you want your Windows Computer is available no matter where you are? Then Microsoft Outlook is the answer. With Microsoft Outlook, your contacts, calendar, tasks, and even your email in HTC Phone can be synced from your computer to your phone. And every time you add new data to your phone, then you can see it too in Outlook if you connect your phone to your computer. It’s really helpful, isn’t it?

One thing that you have to know is that synchronizing data with Outlook can only be done with one computer and your HTC. You have to choose between your home computer and your work computer if both of them have Outlook. To find out how to synchronize with Outlook on your computer, then you can see Synchronizing with Outlook on your Windows XP computer and also Synchronizing with Outlook on your Windows 7 or Windows Vista computer.

If you want your data is always updated even when you’re far from your computer, then you can sync your Outlook at work with your phone, then you can sync it through your phone’s internet service if the Exchange Server is available. To get more information on doing this you can find out here setting up your work Outlook account. And see Troubleshooting a sync connection with your computer when you face any difficulties during the sync. Now, your HTC phone ready to use.

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