Leave Email Copy On Server For Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Outlook 2010 Tips. The owner of POP e-mail uses Microsoft Outlook as a client e-mail usually loses its email in server after he withdraws email. It is no secret, because Outlook will delete immediately all email messages in downloaded server. The aim of this, in order your email box is not full. However, this good aim sometimes make you annoyed if you often travel and your email still readable through web.

The best way to overcome such problem is by activating Leave a copy of messages on the server, a setting is being inactivated default by Microsoft Outlook. To activate this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Run your Microsoft Outlook, then click “File>Account Settings>Account Settings…”.
  2. In Account Settings window, choose the account you want to set, then choose “Change…” and click “More Settings…”.
  3. After dialogue box of Internet E-mail Settings appearing, choose “Advanced” tab.
  4. Mark check box “Leave a copy of messages on the server’ in Delivery option.
  5. After that, click “OK” and click “Next”>”Finish”>”Close”.
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  1. Bonnie says:

    I have a new laptop with Outlook 2010 which automatically configured an IMAP account, not a POP3 account, and there is no box to check or uncheck on the Advanced tab.

  2. Tai says:

    in IMAP,it’s automatically leave a message on server,so you don’t have to care about it like POP3

    • Phil says:

      What if one wants to turn off “leave message on server” when having an IMAP configuration. There is no option on the Advance tab… as Bonnie mentioned.

  3. Mike says:


    To keep a copy of your emails on server , is a useful option but sometimes it creates a critical situation for the users. For example, consider a situation, wherein you are working with Exchange server 2003 and your Exchange admin has set a size limit with your mailbox. When this Mailbox will reach to its maximum storage capacity, you will not be able to get more new emails in your Outlook’s folders. Sometimes, due to this problem, your mailbox get corrupted and you may experienced a data loss situation.

    Bob Luis

  4. Ali says:

    i have outlook 2010 and i don’t have the option advanced to leave a copy or not and i don’t found a copy of my mails in server when i setup outlook
    plzzzzz someone help me as i need these mail urgently

  5. Charly says:

    Hey Ali, you are using IMAP account right now, re configure your account with POP system, and that option will be appear.

  6. scott says:

    This fix does not work on my computer. I need to leave a copy of the message on the server but I cannot get Ourlook 2011 to stop deleting them. I have leave message box check and I now have the delete after 14 days box check. I still deletes all received messages. Help please!

  7. Shahram says:

    Dear All,
    What should I do for unchecking leave a copies box on my server, type of our account is IMAP on Outlook2010 nad in advanced tab, there is not check or uncheck box., please help me.

  8. Jim says:

    As in previous comments, I also have Outlook 2010 and I do not have the option to leave a copy of my e-mails on the server either. This is getting to be a problem because I use multiple devices to view my e-mails and the lists are different. I also do not have an option to select IMAP or POP3 account for my messages. It comes up pre-selected with IMAP. What gives? Any comments?

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