Simple Setting Windows 7 Become WiFi Hotspot with Connectify Application

WiFi with windows 7How to setting windows 7 become WiFi hotspot? In several situation, you are likely to create WiFi hotspot fast so that other wireless hardware can take benefit the internet connection. You may use Connectify that can play magic Windows 7 becomes instant WiFi hotspot.

You are probably at only one internet location, at Ethernet (hotel room, meeting room, office) and want to share with people or other hardware. Connectify is a free of charge utility that is light to system resource and easy to set upĀ  plus change Windows 7 as safe hotspot WiFi. Please , notice that Notify only works on Windows 7 home and above, but not for Starter.

Connectify Application

The installing is easy and fast, you may access from icon on task bar. On settings, type for WiFi network name, password to access, and the kind of internet connection to share. It is probable for LAN< VirtualBox Host-Only, Wireless Network Connection, and no internet sharing. After being ready, click Start Hotspot.

Now you can see the program running and began to connect computer and other hardware. Now connectify runs on Windows 7 laptop, in this sample we move to Windows XP laptop and connected it. Open wireless network and you will see a new hot spot created.

You will be asked to Network key ( password) set on connectify twice, then click Connect. Wait for minute while network address asked. In here you can see your XP computer connected to Geek-fi-network created in Windows 7 lap top.

As you return to Windows 7 computer, you about to see the hardware connecting. It also tracks the connected software. Click right on connectify on tray to get different choices.

The result of test the water shows that signal power and connection speed is quite good, but a bit slowly than usual. The result differs to depend on the type of hardware belonging send and receive signal. Generally, if you want to make hotspot in short time, connectify is unusual. If user wants to look for the easy and fast way to share wireless connection on Windows 7 and other hardware, connectify is the alternative.

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