The Signs Of Cell Phone Infected by Virus

StopBefore virus spreading to all application in cell phone or another one, recognize first the sign that cell phone infected by virus.. Knowing early, will make data, pulse or cell phone be saved. The symptoms of viruses’ cell phone consist of :

  • Without activating or unknowing, Bluetooth connectivity is active. This makes cell phone send viruses’ files to another one that its Bluetooth connection is active or detected.
  • Besides Bluetooth, cell phone will send MMS randomly to number list in cell phone. If this is not detected early, so your pulse will waste useless.
  • On several cell phone uses Symbian OS, there is several way to see whether cell phone is viruses or not. Press menu button in Nokia cell phone using Symbian, if displaying an active application, named Cabir or Cabire, it means your cell phone is viruses.
  • Battery is not normal, if previously on stand by condition can last 2-3 days, but if viruses only last for stand by for only one hour.
  • Can’t boot at all.
  • Frequently restart itself.
  • Several files are damaged.
  • Application in cell phone is malfunction.
  • There are several button function damaged
  • Power button can’t function properly.
  • Several virus display itself on screen.
  • It takes long time to load
  • The access to cell phone is rather late.
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